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A DANCE OF SILVER AND SHADOW by Melanie Cellier - Review

Today I am spotlighting book 1 in the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series by my Author of the Month pick, Melanie Cellier. Have a closer look at . . .

When Princess Liliana and her twin sister set sail for new lands, she hopes to find adventure and romance. But the people of Marin live under the shadow of a curse--one powerful enough to destroy entire kingdoms. To protect them all, Lily and eleven other princesses are forced to participate in a mysterious and secret tournament. Lily spends her nights competing in a magical underground realm and her days unraveling the dangers of this new court. Although she needs the help of the Marinese prince, Lily knows she can't let herself grow too close to him. There's no time for romance when the duchy is about to fall to the encroaching darkness and the winner of the tournament faces a terrible fate.


One problem with retellings of this particular story is how to give twelve different princesses their own distinct identities and still have room to develop one central heroine and give her a hero worth having. Not to mention creating a believable scenario and gripping plot to keep a reader glued to the page.

Well, this author has succeeded for sure! I loved having three princesses we already know (from earlier stories) immersed in the drama of a princess tournament--with no choice in the matter--along with nine other unwilling participants from other countries. I like Lily, her prince is lovable, and the side dramas worked very well. Yep, it's a really fun book!

Next I'll be reviewing book 2 in the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series. Don't miss it . . . and don't miss the giveaway coming at the end of the month, exclusively for my mailing list subscribers!

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