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Cover Reveal Day!

I can hardly believe this day is here: You all finally get to see the gorgeous cover of Ellie and the Prince!

I love everything about it—the cover model is perfect for sweet Ellie, and the unicorns! *happy sigh* This book with its various magical creatures, the unicorns most of all, is like a lifetime dream come true.

The first literary unicorn I fell in love with, at age eight, was Jewel in C.S. Lewis’s The Last Battle. I remember trying to figure out how to apply a horn to the face of one of my Breyer model horses, but nothing worked. (I did create a flying horse like Fledge out of a tiny plastic horse—using folding paper wings and Scotch tape. It wasn’t great, but better than nothing!)

My unicorn yearning remained unfulfilled for many years. When toy unicorns did become available, they were usually cartoonish, nothing like the exquisite yet powerful creature I imagined. Fantasy creatures were my passion before they were fashionable. However, I did have opportunity to enjoy fantasy toys vicariously, through my children!

I’m thrilled to be writing fantasy stories featuring the magical creatures I love. Now I can write them the way I always imagined them, hoping you all will share the love!

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