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Cover Reveal!

So guess what I got in my inbox yesterday? That's right . . . the finalized cover design for The Lady and the Wish! (I may have squealed. My cats aren't telling, but . . . yeah. I may have squealed.)

This was perfect timing since I also JUST finished drafting this novel. I'm due to turn it in to my editor tomorrow morning, so I'm doing some last-minute reading and tweaking. But otherwise . . . whew! What a relief it is to have this story almost done. It's been killer to write, but I'm pretty excited by how it's turned out.

But you're wanting to see the cover, aren't you? All right, all right . . . here you go!

Isn't she beautiful? I love this look for my proud and petulant Lady Gillian. All that curly red-gold hair! That blue dress really brings out her eyes, doesn't it? And don't miss that mischievous little fairy gleaming just out of Gillian's sight . . . an important part of the story! Gillian was the Mean Girl in my first novel, Ellie and the Prince, and this new story takes her on quite an adventure as she begins to realize just how self-centered she is and possibly starts to grow up a little bit . . . (or a lotta bit!)

All of my covers are designed by Bulbous Squirrel Design Studio. You can check out some of her other fantasy and fairy tale covers HERE. And don't forget to add The Lady and the Wish to your Goodreads shelf!

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