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DAUGHTER OF LIES by Kenley Davidson - Review

And for my last spotlight feature, I give you the fifth book in the Andari Chronicles . . .

Brenna Seagrave doesn’t want to be a countess. She prefers her life of danger and disguise as a spy for the kingdom of Andar, but the Andari court isn’t quite ready for a countess who engages in espionage. Feeling trapped, Brenna accepts an invitation to a mysterious estate, where she hopes to connect with the mother she’s never had a chance to know. But nothing is quite as Brenna expects. Her mother is obsessively critical, the neighbor is a ridiculous flirt and the handsome butler is undoubtedly up to something. Also, someone seems to be plotting her demise. Brenna can’t go home until she finds out who wants to kill her, but her only allies are a bumbling nobleman and an old acquaintance who isn’t exactly a team player.

This is Brenna's story, and she makes an awesome heroine!

Daughter of Lies is somewhat shorter than earlier books in the series, but it packs plenty of action, intrigue, and romance into those pages.

The villain is truly horrid, and although I loved glimpses of characters from earlier books, I also really liked the new characters, especially the "seven dwarfs." :-)

The romantic interest seems just right for Brenna, and I loved his introduction. He reminded me a bit of a favorite Georgette Heyer hero but is definitely his own person. And he is just right for Brenna.

I was delighted to hear recently that the author will be writing more books in this series, featuring more characters from earlier books. I will be ready and waiting!!

Recommended for retelling fans who enjoy action/adventure, romance, some mystery, and touches of delightful humor in their fairy-tales.

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