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A TALE OF BEAUTY AND BEAST by Melanie Cellier - Review

This is my final spotlight review for my Author of the Month pick, Melanie Cellier. I hope you'll enjoy reading my thoughts on . . .

Princess Sophia has helped her twin sister Lily save the duchy of Marin. But now Sophie faces an even greater threat when she sets out to free the cursed kingdom of Palinar from its beastly prince. Alone, and with danger on every side, Sophie must navigate a magical castle and its even more mysterious master to discover the secret to breaking the curse. Except the more time she spends with Prince Dominic, the more she starts to question who exactly she’s supposed to be saving. With time running out for the trapped inhabitants, and the reappearance of an old enemy, Sophie may have to choose between saving the kingdom and following her heart.


Another delightful retelling, this one of my favorite fairy tale. I have enjoyed so much reading stories about the twins from the first book in this series. Their twin relationship is fun, especially with their godmother gift. :-)

I enjoyed the romance and the way this story ties in with the rest of the series. Lots of exciting action and a sweet romance. If you love fairy-tale retellings and haven't yet discovered Melanie Cellier, you're missing out on a whole lot of fun!

This concludes my September reviews for Melanie Cellier's amazing fairy tales. I hope you find yourself completely intrigued to read her stories. Be sure to enter my end of the month giveaway, exclusively for mailing list subscribers!

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