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THE RAKSHASA'S BRIDE by Suzannah Rowntree - review

Another wonderful retelling by one of the most creative voices in the genre! For my final spotlight feature, I bring you . . .

What if it was Beauty who was cursed...not the Beast? Preeti Kamla has the evil eye. Her bad luck has brought tragedy and disgrace upon her once-wealthy family...but when a handsome stranger promises to break her curse, Preeti almost believes him. Until a twist of fate whisks her away from everything she knows, and the gruesome Demon Rajah claims her as his bride. The Rakshasa’s Bride is a novella-length retelling of Beauty and the Beast, inspired by Bollywood musicals!


This little book captures both the lush beauty of India and the darkness beneath the lives of everyday people. Yes, it is an allegorical retelling of Beauty and the Beast and closely follows the classic story line, yet it is its own thing as well, with themes that make a reader think. A likeness to Lewis's Til We Have Faces is also clear, yet I didn't mind this fresh take on the timeless theme. Despite knowing where the story must eventually go (which can be reassuring!), I felt impatience and concern with Preeti's fear and indecision and her many questions that seemed unanswerable. The Rakshasa as a character is well drawn, and its symbolism is beautiful. Yes, this novella manages to be beautiful, romantic, tense, and rich in meaning. Another excellent read from an excellent author.

I hope you have all enjoyed my Author of the Month reviews! You really should do yourself a favor and try Suzannah's stories for yourself. They are so unique and beautiful, they stand out in the crowd.

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