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TRAITOR'S MASQUE by Kenley Davidson - Review

For my February Author of the Month Feature I am putting the spotlight on Kenley Davidson and her beautiful Andari Chronicles. Starting of course with . . .

Trystan was once the pampered daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, but his unexpected death has left her with nothing. Desperate to escape her stepmother’s malicious web of lies, Trystan will do almost anything to gain her freedom—even play a part in a devious plot to disinherit the kingdom’s unpopular heir, Prince Ramsey. But her freedom may cost more than she ever imagined. At the glittering royal masque, two very different princes will compete for the hearts of their people, and Trystan must decide where her loyalties lie—with the man who may be able to save her kingdom, or the man who has stolen her heart.

This book, a loose retelling of Cinderella, is a strong beginning to Kenley's series, including elements of the classic tale and weaving them into a story that reads like a novel with plenty of political intrigue. The heroine, Trystan, is not your typical Cinderella character--she has attitude issues, though I can't really blame her, considering her circumstances. She makes some unwise choices but accepts responsibility for her own actions. I particularly enjoyed the hero--he truly made the book, in my opinion. Not your typical godlike, snarky action-hero--this prince has actual character. The dynamic between them is realistic and appealing. I also really enjoyed the side characters, and I love that later books expand on their stories. If you enjoy dramatic fairy-tale retellings set in richly drawn story worlds, you will love this series!

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