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Cover Reveal - The Siren and the Scholar

Yay! Another long-awaited cover reveal, this time for The Siren and the Scholar (coming in May!).

Isn’t Kamoana beautiful? She just jumped up onto her favorite basking rock in the early morning, while her buddy Nelumbo the lake monster lurks in the background. Those of you who’ve read The Little Siren will understand the significance of the gold chain and ring she is wearing. This model is an ideal Kamoana, so dainty and pretty. I can imagine her attempting spinner-dolphin jumps in the lake!

Kamoana was so much fun to write, and I’m pretty much in love with Tor too. There’s a bit of me in them both—the science-geek misfit bit. While growing up as a shy nerd in Southern California, I took marine biology classes in high school and college and for a time dreamed of going on to get a degree . . . but unlike Tor and Kammy, I lacked the focus such a career would require.

Instead, I now express my fish love through fairy-tale retellings! Through Kammy, I can swim with spinner dolphins, dive in a tropical lagoon, and live in underwater caves. Being a fairy-tale author is just too much fun!

Sadly, I’m no great swimmer, but I did marry a scuba diver/swimmer/water-polo player. Call it research.

Unfortunately, since writing these books I suffer pangs of guilt while eating catfish. *sigh*

I hope you all will enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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