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Author of the Month - August

Hi, friends! I'm starting a new monthly feature which I'm very excited to share with all of you. Each month I'm going to pick an Author of the Month to spotlight here on my blog! Always an author of the fun, clean, fairy-tale fantasy we love.

I'll be posting reviews of my chosen author's books (those that I've read, anyway), and at the end of the month, I'll host a giveaway for one of those books, exclusively for my newsletter subscribers.

So allow me to present my chosen Author of the Month for August . . .

Brittany lives with her Prince Charming and their little fairy in a decently clean castle in whatever kingdom the Air Force has most recently placed them. When she's not writing, Brittany can be found with her family (including their spoiled black Labrador), doing chores (she'd rather be writing), going to church, belting Disney songs, exercising, or decorating cakes. You can find more of her work at her website

This talented and prolific author has multiple series to her name, including The Becoming Beauty Trilogy, The Classical Kingdoms Collection, The Autumn Fairy, and a story featured in The Entwined Tales. I haven't even begun to read all of her many works yet, but I've loved the three I have read, and I'll be featuring those here on my blog this month.

I hope you will all enjoy this new spotlight feature! I'm excited to introduce you to some of my new favorite fairy-tale finds.

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