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BLINDING BEAUTY by Brittany Fichter - Review

Today I'm featuring my second Author of the Month book! Allow me to present Blinding Beauty . . .

Beauty might have married the Beast, but vows never promised anyone a simple life, least of all, the king and queen of Destin. It has been only five months since their wedding, but Ever and Isa are already being torn apart. Duty to the kingdom keeps Ever occupied, while Isa struggles to master the Fortress's mysterious fire. So when the young couple is invited to an ally's betrothal ceremony, they go in hopes of enjoying the honeymoon they never had. Upon arrival, however, something is sorely amiss. A glass hill, an ancient enchanter, and the mysterious tribute paid to Isa's younger brother, Launce, quickly dash their hopes of rest, and it's not long before Ever and Isa must fight to protect the Fortress, their neighbors, and even the very love that binds them.


You know I love fairy-tale retellings--I read them voraciously and write my own! But seldom do I find one about a married couple. This quality alone sets Blinding Beauty apart, and I love the way Ms. Fichter portrayed the struggles of these two strong, loving, yet very disparate characters fumbling their way through their first months of married life. I found it both magical and realistic. After all Isa has been shy and retiring most of her life, and Ever is the ultimate alpha male. Is it any wonder they have trouble relating to each other, let alone communicating clearly? Great stuff here. The side-story, a retelling of "The Glass Mountain," is also great fun. Launce and Olivia are very young, but they both know it and seem to have realistic expectations of the difficulties involved in a match between them. I enjoyed watching Launce's change of heart toward Ever as the story unfolds. The villain of this tale is so convinced of his own rightness that he will kill to accomplish the changes he believes the Maker intends. This kind of religious fanaticism makes for a chilling villain! This is not a fast read, but it is well worth reading, filled with beautiful description and fascinating dialogue. I love the Fortress and its symbolism, and I look forward to seeing these characters in further stories. Highly recommended!

Don't miss the third of my feature reviews for Brittany Fichter's work, coming next week. And next week also marks the beginning of the Author of the Month Giveaway! I can't wait to share more fun fairy tales with all of you.

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