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THE PRINCESS FUGITIVE by Melanie Cellier - Review

And I'm back with another Author of the Month featured review, this time spotlighting another one of Melanie Cellier's delightful Four Kingdoms novels. And that novel is . . .

Princess Ava used to be a weapon - sharp, strong and beautiful. But when she fails at her most important task, she's forced to flee from her own family. Only her personal bodyguard, Hans, remains loyal. Hans claims to know the real Ava but she finds that hard to believe - after all, she's been the villain so long that she can't remember anything else. Deep in exile, Ava learns her kingdom needs a hero and she might be the only one who can save it. The catch? She'll have to ally herself with the very people she blames for her downfall. But in a game of life and death where the stakes are an entire kingdom, winning over her enemies will only be the beginning. Can one fugitive save her people, her kingdom and, hardest of all, herself?


The Princess Fugitive is my favorite of the Four Kingdoms stories, I think. I loved the character growth in our heroine, and Hans . . . well, I kind of fell for the guy. He would be hard to resist! Lots of action and intrigue and suspense here, a thrilling climax, and a happy-sigh-inducing romance.

If you enjoy romantic fairy tales and haven't yet picked up this series, what are you waiting for?

Don't miss any of my featured reviews for Melanie Cellier's amazing fairy tale retellings. Plus there will be a giveaway at the end of the month, exclusively for my mailing list subscribers!

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